We are pioneers in water filters, enabling you to enjoy… really clean & healthy water!

Dear Friends – Partners,

I started out with my first business steps in 1978, with a unique product  –  a tap filter for our drinking water. My only goal was to give the world an innovative product that would solve a growing problem. Excellent quality, reliability, efficiency and an affordable price were just some of the features this filter offered.

Over the years we have been through many setbacks that in the end made me stronger and more determined to carry on. The goal, however, always remained the same: QUALITY – RELIABILITY.


Since 1988, I have been accompanied by Maria Stergianoudi, my wife and colleague, but even more so my immense source of support throughout all these years. Her presence was invaluable and decisive. Together, with all the anxiety and love involved in running a family business, we saw the company grow day by day – always with the family at its heart.

Since then the company has gone on to be the representative in Greece, but also in some European countries, for many companies such as WATERPIK, INSTAPURE, ATLAS FILTRI, WATERFLEX, HYUNDAI etc.

Our product range is constantly growing, and now covers a wider range of needs related to water filters, plumbing – hygiene and more!

Our offices in Thessaloniki and Athens are staffed with experienced and trained personnel who are always ready to serve you and provide solutions to all your problems.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support over all these years and we promise you that we will continue, guided by quality, reliability, and our principles, so we can maintain the relationship we have built up today.

Yours in friendship,

Kostas Katsaros – Maria Stergianoudi

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